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Here at R bar S Miniatures, our goals is to produce and show quality AMHA/AMHR Dun Factor miniature horses.

Dun Factor in miniature horses are a rare find and valued once someone has one. Dun factored horses include Bay Dun, Red Dun, Gulla and these colors on top of other dilution genes. Dun Characteristics include dorsal strips along with various other points such as leg barring, shoulder barring, facial webbing tipped ears... We are fortunate to own a stallion that shows all of these classic characteristics.

Here is a link to a great website with a lot of helpful information on identifying the dun factor.




Equine Services

We take the gentle attempt on training horses by following our own type of training technique.  We have watched and learned from many different trainers and have developed our own style.  We prefer to start young horses and get them riding nice then have them move on to be finished. We also have the ability to start and race Barrel Racing and Pole Bending stock. In fact, most of our large horses are bred for racing. As for problem horses, we can work with horses that have issues from being tacked to running off etc…  We work our horses in a small area but move them to trails and once they have proven they can be controlled on a trail they start real life riding out on the string and in the mountains.